Motivational Moment

Mandy Mortis
Motivational Moment

Motivational Moment With Mandy Morris

From time to time, the Celina Post comes across gems of information and can’t help but share.  Mandy Morris, has been a friend of ours and an inspiration to us for some time. She is both a spiritual and positive influence to anybody who will listen. Thank you for letting us share this Mandy 🙂 .


I was watching a Facebook live of one of my besties just now, and I felt compelled to share what she positively triggered in me.

She was talking about her journey to happiness and it was so profoundly simple for her.

She was happiest when she was at the gym, or was most at peace when she has a moment to deeply connect to herself.

It reminded me of the perceptions we have of what will make us “happy” or “at peace”.

These things like houses, or significance. These are all wonderful things, granted the intention should be in alignment.

At times we can have a programmed idea or story of what will bring us peace, happiness, and fulfillment, so we strive for it, even achieve it, and then… it doesn’t bring us peace.

Yet, we are capable of living SO UNCONSCIOUSLY that we can’t even let GO of the rule or idea we had on what will make us happy, we just keep doing it over and over again like those video games where the players legs are moving but they are just walking into a wall aimlessly and going nowhere.

So, in this state of unconscious living we keep repeating our programming, our stories, and living by our broken rules, operating as if we believe that if we 10x them, THEN it will solve the lack of fulfillment.

And then we die.

Just kidding.

But not😊

The idea here is, when I tuned in a few years ago to what fulfillment was for me, it’s not that it was “small” or “simple”…

However, I was completely off track regardless. It was like, I had this “idea” of what was needed to make me happy, but I based it off program, not what my soul already knew, so even when I would accomplish the programmed ‘achievement’ I was left with a quick and feeling high. Then back down.

It is however not that way when you do what your authentic self desires, it’s a constant incline of incredibleness and it’s only when you stray back to programming that it quivers.

So, what sets your soul on fire?

Now, what are your actions currently showing what your rules are around fulfillment?

Are they actually in full alignment with the thing that brings you the true desired feeling?

We ain’t got no room for misalignment.

Authenticity rules everything around me.

And in case no one has told you today,

I love you

Mandy Morris