Get Out And Vote Celina

Political marketing signs, advertising and hugging babies have all been done. However, underneath all the politics of making oneself look or sound better than the other, it’s time for us to cast our vote.

According to Celina EDC Director, Corbett Howard the Celina voting location has had about 10% of its voters come thru this far ( 9:30 am )…  Hoping for more people to get involved, he says he is happy just to be involved and to continue his involvement with the City Of Celina and Collin County.

Celina Texas is on the move and moving fast it will. From gigabit advancement to rooftops, Celina is fast becoming the destination of both business and residential rooftops.

The civic duty to vote in those folks that we want to help lead this growth and maintain the integrity of the wonderful City of Celina is going to take a voice from us all. JUST DO IT… GET OUT AND VOTE.

Beyond just signage and social advertising, some of the folks running for office are available to discuss their vision. Carmen Roberts who is running for re-election of Place#4 of the Celina City Council can be found Down Town Celina Available and open to discuss her past, present and future commitment to Celina.

To learn more about the Collin County College Bond (follow here)

Voting Locations: Here

There, now go vote and enjoy this amazing weather!