Is That Uncle Perv In The Neighborhood

Creepy pervert in celina texas

“This Guy Doesn’t Know About Celina”

Parents, please make your teenage girls aware of the following situation that has the Celina Police Department concerned for their safety.

On 05/03/2017, an Asian male had made contact with several clothing businesses in Celina that employ young females. The subject asked the female employees questions about modeling and flying them out to L.A. to model. He has also asked them questions about their body features and posing nude. In one case, the subject placed his hands around a female’s waist while complimenting her body. Clearly, the young girls were uncomfortable, but only 1 girl called us after the incident.
This same subject has been seen at similar businesses in Prosper and Frisco, asking the same questions.
Educate your children on the dangers of suspicious people and to dial 911, even if they are not in a position to talk to the dispatcher. They can call 911 and pretend to be speaking to someone else or just leave the line open. The 911 call-takers will identify there is a problem and dispatch officers.
If you or your children have seen this person, please contact Corporal Hebert at 972-382-2121