Advantages of Pre-planning Your Funeral


In my family, no one likes to talk about funerals, let alone even think about pre-planning your own. What gives me a little ease is knowing that this is something everyone should do, not just us. There are advantages of pre-planning your own funeral. One major advantage of pre-planning your funeral, is knowing you’re going to have your final wishes honored, and everything will be taken care of financially.

Why would you pre-plan your own funeral?

Although it hurts to think about, no one knows what you want quite like you do. You know what you want at your funeral more than anyone. You have the power to not only make it easier on your family after you pass, but to also give them an incomparable peace of mind.

Financially, you don’t want to leave a burden for your family.

The average cost of a funeral in 2018 is between $7,000 and $18,000 dollars. How many of you have this amount of money set aside for your funeral? When you pre-plan your funeral, you’ll end up saving money. Not only are you paying for a future funeral at today’s prices, but you’re also able to make cost-cutting decisions that your loved ones may not have felt making on your behalf.

Your last wishes are documented.

One reason I will be planning my own funeral is that I will get my last wishes documented. Every last thing, I will get to decide where it goes. It’s nice to know that no one will be fighting about my belongings, but instead they can cherish the items I have left behind for them.

Grieving can take place.

Whenever you’re burdened with a large sum of money to cover a funeral, it can feel unbearable. Instead of focusing on saying goodbye, your family may be focused on how they will pay for your funeral. One major advantage of pre-planning your funeral, is that your family can grieve in your passing instead of struggling to find the money and stressing about funeral decisions.

The goodbyes will be special.

Knowing you prepared for your own funeral, the goodbyes will be special. No one is going to have heartache because they could not afford to bury you. No one is scrambling around to get a lawyer to protect your estates.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Pre-planning your funeral is not something you have to do alone. You can ask your spouse or a close family member to help you with the process. If you’d like to do this alone, that is perfectly acceptable too. Just make sure you tell someone you trust about your plans.

Taking charge and pre-planning your funeral is one of the smartest things you can do. Not only will it give you peace, but you will also know that your family can have an overwhelming positive peace, when you pass on, instead of feeling financially burdened.

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