Frisco~Dallas CBD Company Leading By Example

 With interest and demand of CBD products unequivocally on the upswing, cannabis is the buzziest new ingredient in the health and beauty arena, and well beyond chic.

Look no further than the recent launch of Haylo CBD Wellness in Frisco last December and now their Dallas location. HJB Botanicals (their family recipe), a product certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, an organic hemp product of oil blending cannabinoids and terpenes sells out almost weekly. “This response definitely exceeds our expectations,” says store owner Tom Bates.

When we created this product to help our daughter Hayley “HAYLO” with her seizures, we had no idea it would have such an impact on so many lives. We could not keep it to ourselves, so with the uniqueness of HJB CBD products, the Bates family has opened the doors to fill this evergrowing gap.

Though Bates admits he was initially nervous about community response, he decided to move forward given what he calls a “large understanding among people about CBD and its many benefits.” He also cites his faith in their mission “to deliver the power of nature to those who seek it”. HJB Botanicals, the product “also a Bates Company”, seems to be the fastest growing CBD product that confirms to all State and Federal laws, and is in such high demand we are running new batches almost daily.

Who is buying? Everyone from college students, mothers to the elderly and many cancer patients. “Our Products are exclusive yet all-inclusive,” Bates says. “The interest in our CBD is growing and overwhelmingly positive.”

For the uninitiated, CBD (cannabidiol) is one of many compounds known as cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. It works with the body’s receptors to produce a wide range of beneficial effects, from helping to alleviate pain and inflammation to reducing stress and insomnia. Proof that the medical community is taking note: this past June, oral CBD won FDA approval for the treatment of some kinds of epilepsy.

What CBD won’t do: get you high, since it contains only a negligible amount ( OR NONE AT ALL) of the psychoactive ingredient THC (aka, the mind-altering part of the cannabis plant). With the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill, considered a game changer for the cannabis industry, industrial hemp-derived CBD oil grown with less than 0.3 percent THC can be bought and sold in most all states.

According to Tom, owner of both HAYLO CBD and HJB Botanicals, they are approached on a regular basis by investors, doctors and media wanting to know how their success has take off so fast.   Pretty simple really, he says, “do what ya love and the rest will follow”.  From product knowledge to the passion of helping people live a better cleaner life, our CBD products have raised the bar in this industry and have become the leader in all things TEXAS CBD.

“The efficacy of CBD is creating a fast-growing group of consumer evangelists,” Bates says. “And it’s fun, even a bit sketchy, to talk about. Need proof? Just bring it up at your next tea party and see what happens.”

Bates, says his farm and labs in Colorado trace the genetics back 12 generations (6 years) and all product is double third-party laboratory approved, certified organic and compliant.

Haylo is also a big supporter of our US Veterans and those families with special medical needs.

You can join them at their Frisco location this Saturday 5/25-2019 to be part of their exciting new #22save program from 6:00 pm till 10:00 pm. Live music, food & drink, guest speakers and family fun.

7004 Lebanon Rd Frisco, Texas 75034