Celina Local Brings Hemp Farming To North Texas

Texas Hemp Farm


Yup, HEMP… Not Marijuana, but a product from Marijuana that has been prohibited from position, harvest and use in Texas for decades.

Known by most CBD users in North Texas, Haylo Wellness, LLC. and HJB Botanical’s has set the Gold Standard in quality, education and compliance. Tom Bates their owner has taken yet another leap of faith.

With three retail locations (and more to come) in North Texas, Dallas, Frisco and Little Elm, Mr. Bates will be working side by side with his family in setting up one of the first Certified Industrial Hemp Farms in Texas unlike the State has ever known.

When asked why, Mr. Bates simply said Hemp saved his daughters life. It just must happen.

Since opening his first retail location in Frisco he and his team have been witness to hundreds of amazing life changing stories from the use of their proprietary product line, HJB Botanical’s.

The plans for the farm are simple. The Hemp Plant “ALL PARTS” have so many potential uses, we cannot simply limit them to just our CBD products, says Bates. We are partnering with some of the smartest minds in agriculture and educational facilities in Texas, the sky is the limit. The simple part is to just let God do his work.

What Tom says gives his team to big edge in quality over those wanting to get into the “Race for Gold” is that they have 14 generations of proven genetics in their product. Genetics are critical to high end harvesting. Bates says that every part of the growth, handling and manufacturing are all 100% certified organic.  A chain of control and custody are just as important as the double third-party labs his team has for all products.

Currently his stores focus is the retail of CBD products, however, their farm will be serving both industrial and consumable products with both an indoor and outdoor grow.

In 1996 when his daughter Hayley was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and seizure disorder, he had always been on a search to reduce the risk of the next big seizure. After watching the video of Little Charlotte and the Stanley Brothers, he knew he had to try it with his little girl. With a reduction of seizures from Charlotte’s Web, he made some adjustments, and was able to reduce the seizures even more.

“Going from almost 50 per day to one or two every other day saved Hayley’s life says Bates”.

Stop in one of their stores and see what makes them the Gold Standard.


Haylo Wellness, Frisco 7004 Lebanon

Haylo Wellness, Dallas 8400 Douglas

Haylo Wellness, Little Elm 407 West Eldorado



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