North Texas Farm Receives Hemp Farming License

North Texas first hemp license issued to Celina farmer


After several years of research and development, product manufacturing, genetics testing, Haylo can finally bring it all full circle here in Texas.

What began as an attempt to stop his daughter’s seizures has turned into the most transparent and certified organic hemp product in the State of Texas.

Issued March 30, 2020, Tom Bates, Owner of Haylo Farms, LLC received likely the first license to produce and harvest Industrial Hemp in North Texas issued by The Texas Department Of Agriculture. Situated North of Celina Texas, Bates and Haylo Farms is preparing nearly 10,000 square feet of indoor growing and many acres of outdoor harvest.

As many investors and new business owner’s flock to the hemp cash train, most will fail as there are just so many unknown answers in such a new industry says Bates. You can see the shops popping up all over the place selling products that even the store owners know little about or even know what is in the bottle they are selling. We pride ourselves on product knowledge, passion for consumer care and product integrity.

The plans for the farm are simple. The Hemp Plant “ALL PARTS” have so many potential uses, we cannot simply limit them to just our CBD products, says Bates. We are partnering with some of the smartest minds in agriculture and educational facilities in Texas, the sky is the limit. The simple part is to just let God do his work.

What Tom says gives his team the big edge in quality over those wanting to get into the “Race for Gold” is that they have 14 generations of proven genetics in their product. Genetics are critical to high end harvesting. Bates says that every part of the growth, handling and manufacturing are all 100% certified organic.  A chain of control and custody are just as important as the double third-party labs his team has for all products.

Currently his stores focus is the retail of CBD/hemp products, however, their farm will be serving both industrial and consumable products with both an indoor and eventually outdoor harvest.

From jobs, tax dollars and healing, Bates says, Haylo Farms, will be delivering the power of nature in all it does.

We will continue updates with Haylo as they progress.

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