Molina Health Care Of Texas

Office of The Texas Governor
Attention: Governor Gregg Abbott
Po Box 12428
Austin Texas 78711
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Texas Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Phil Wilson, Chief Public Affairs Officer Hailey Kemp, Diana L. Fite, MD, Texas Medical Association, Texas Comptroller’s Office, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Department of Revenue, Securities and Exchange Commission etal,

Open Letter:
Molina Health Care Services Breach of Fiduciary Duties Potential Financial Crimes: Request for Financial Audit & Investigation

Dear Governor Abbott, Attorney General Ken Paxton, State Leaders, Federal Regulators,
I am writing to address a concern that has the potential to bring forth continued and ongoing harm to more than 540,000 Texans. Elderly Texans and those Texans with special medical needs. These are our neighbors, family, and friends who are most vulnerable to most of today’s current illnesses and that require the highest level of continued and ongoing quality medical care.
Molina Health Care failed to receive a continued contract as an insurer for the State Of Texas that represents The Texas Medicaid Star+Plus Program worth nearly 10 billion dollars in premium revenues in addition to grants, tax waivers, and the potential of inflated stock values to the company, Molina.
Molina has noted their deep interest in protesting your position in their lost contract that will end September 1,2020. As a fellow Texan, father of a Special Needs Daughter, I cannot pray hard enough that you do not waiver your position. Given both the private and public actions of Molina Health Care, it is clear they do not represent what is GOOD about Texas our Fellow Texans or in many cases even following the law.
It has become quite clear to the authorities in California, Indiana, TEXAS, Texas Department Of Insurance “TDI”, Washington State, and others that even when fined MANY MILLIONS of dollars, they “ MOLINA HEALTH CARE” is still willing to violate State and Federal Laws, violate consumers protected rights to quality health care, collect monies from State and Federal Tax Payer Accounts for services not provided and violate the protected rights of medical records of special needs patients ( HIPPA ).
Please consider the past reviews, law suites, regulatory complaints, millions of dollars in fines and find, Molina Health Care does not represent the best interest of Texans.
In multiple regulatory charges, Molina admitted to their wrongdoing with a two-page reply with their own internal corrective plan of action. However, even this corrective action for their own internal violations was not followed thru with, yet again followed by additional regulatory complaints, further fines, additional damages to enrollees while the upper managers of Molina enjoy lavishing lifestyles with extremely large quarterly bonuses based on the company stock values.

Understand Governor’s, these violations, claims, lawsuits don’t come without direct harm to enrolled persons who are simply in need of medical care and treatment.

This is a direct line of ELDER ABUSE, CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, STATE AND FEDERAL LAW VIOLATIONS and potential SEC violations. As they withhold millions of contracted dollars owed to medical providers, they then report their physical value to their investors and the SEC. This should be investigated as fraud and reported to their many investors and shareholders. All the while the upper management are receiving tens of thousands of dollars in quarterly bonuses thru company stock and patients and contracted medical providers are going without.


I understand that with such a large enrolled base there may be from time to time, complaints, and valid concerns. However, here is a company who has hurt so many with their deceitful (often criminal) care and conduct.
They do not represent what is GOOD for Texans.
From multiple class action lawsuits in nearly every state they offer coverage to their bully tactics when filing a friendly claim concern, they just do not represent what is GOOD for Texas.
When thinking of the damage they have caused the medically fragile Texans enrolled in their plans I cannot imagine the lives lost from their dishonesty, BAD FAITH, lack of meaningful involvement and lives changed from their complete ineptness.
For Texas to continue allowing MOLINA HEALTH CARE to conduct business in our state for our most defenseless people would simply be wrong at all levels.
Finally, Molina Health Care has become such a firm that its board of directors charged and fired its founder, Dr. David Molina. Mr. Molina’s mission has been set aside as a past thought and replaced with greed, deceit, and likely criminal acts at taxpayers’ dollars. I strongly suggest and audit of ALL FINANCIAL RECORDS be called on.
See, I moved my family to Texas in 2007 to seek the best medical care in the world for our little girl Hayley and found this here in Texas.
Hayley has Cerebral Palsy, is nonverbal and now at home on life support. She requires 24/7 Registered Nursing care, multi levels of therapy several times a week and suffers from daily seizures. Her medical needs are extensive, most being critical and or life threatening. My family has come to terms with this quality of life, however as parents of a special needs child you MUST “become”…. Become her advocate, nurse, caregiver, guardian, pillow, voice, and trusted source. All while making it hard to find the time in the day to be mommy or daddy.
In a follow up phone call today to discuss a care plan for Hayley, we were set up for complete failure and were told we would be losing many of the current services she receives under the Star+Plus Plan. We were attacked by their attorneys, lied to by senior management and mislead by their nursing supervisors as to the quality of care she needed versus what they were willing to provide. Complaints with the Texas Bar Association are now pending against their Attorney, Jonathan M. Herman, additional complaints also pending with the Texas Board of Nursing against the Director Of Molina Sandy Russell Sowards.
There are many options for Texas to choose from when it comes to managed care support. It is my opinion and position; Molina Health Care is not qualified to represent our Texans who are simply defenseless.
I respectfully request The State of Texas refrain from any continued relationships with Molina Health Care.

Kind Regards,
Tom Bates, Collin County Texas