Tom Bates: Chief Editor

Mr. Bates is the Editor and Chief of this Celina news source. Chances are, if you have lived in Celina long, you already know him. He loves the city of Celina and offers and international skill set with news, media, marketing and team development.

” the best way to get in the news is to create it” Tom Bates


Tom Brenner: Contributor / Editor

Tom Brenner has been a senior manager in the software engineering industry for over thirty years in both Seattle and Dallas. Prior to and during this time, Tom and his wife Susan were pastors in various churches in the southern and northwestern U.S. Tom and Susan have been married for 39 years and currently reside in Celina TX where they operate a Bed and Breakfast – The Kerr Inn.


In his column, Tom’s Thought, he will share information on topics of leadership, marriage, spiritual walk and whatever else comes to mind at the time he is writing.


Tracy Staten: Contributor / Editor

Hi, I’m Tracy. Just let me dance, sing, write and have fun. Got A story, I’d love to hear it and tell the world.